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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 1, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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want to use it. it's their choice but i'm staying away. >> jim also on facebook says i see this almost in court before it launches. wa a horrible invasion of previous simpt i agree with you, jim. >> thanks for all of those responses. fox and friends starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you. it's thursday, october 1st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. bracing for impact. hurricane joaquin picks up strength over the atlantic with millions of people in its path. this morning parts of the east coast are already underwater. we are tracking the storms here for you live. it is now a cat 3 hurricane. plus, a fox news alert. russia strikes unleashing bombs across syria and demanding the united states retreat but the targets they're bombing, not isis. wait, that's what they told us. they're not telling the truth? what's going on. did our administration make a gigantic mistake? we'll tell you what we knew.
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who knew hillary clinton's server not as private as we thought. turns out the russians found their way in or tried to and that's not the only information. let me remind you mornings are better with just about all friends. we have got some truly extreme weather this morning. hurricane joaquin is churning full speed ahead. overnight the hurricane strengthened. yesterday at this time it was a category 1. it is now a category 3 hurricane with 120-mile-per-hour sustained winds. it is expected to dump up to 20 inches in the bahamas. these are some of the images overnight there. and it could be heading now for united states and landfall somewhere on the east coast. >> you see preparations underway. people from the carolinas all the way up to the new jersey shore preparing for what could
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be a record breaking storm. >> we have the latest on its path. maria. >> good morning. i wish i had more news in terms of what it's going to mean for the u.s., if it's going to make landfall, and if it's not. the latest track from the national hurricane center keeps the circulation away from the east coast. the forecast still including parts of north carolina and also areas farther north along the east coast. a lot of uncertainty here with the forecast track as we head into the weekend and also early next week and what that means for the u.s. what we do know right now as you mentioned, major hurricane, category 3 at 120 miles per hour. we're kind of waiting for it to make a turn towards the north. that should also help guide us in terms of what that means for the u.s. the storm still moving very slowly towards the west southwest. we do have hurricane conditions right now across the bahamas. a storm surge 2 to 4 feet above normal tide levels. very warm waters, and that is
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what has allowed the storm to intensify so quickly into a major hurricane out here. we have weaker winds aloft that allows the winds to intensify. some of the players here in terms of its track and steering will be a trough across the u.s., high pressure across the atlantic. that should determine how close it gets to the coast or if it stays away. here's a look at the forecast cone. more intensification. could be a cat 4 by tomorrow morning and then take a look at the track here keeping it along the east coast. areas across north carolina you still could be looking at landfall from the storm. a lot of uncertainty here. across the east coast. what we do know is that beach erosion will be a concern across the eastern u.s. we have coastal advisories that have been issued and a lot of heavy rain. steve, elisabeth, brian, take a look at this forecast. four to six inches and locally heavier. south carolina about a foot of rain coming up. >> all right. maria, thank you very much. so to recap, if you live
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from the georgia coast on up through new england, look out. a big storm is coming. >> that's right. >> we are. in fact, one of the models has it coming right to new york city. >> great. >> we have a lot of models here already. >> from storm to strike. urgent talks now being scheduled between russia and the united states. i wonder why? oh, that's right, russian war planes began care yeahing out airstrikes in syria. >> a cia backed rebel force instead of isis is the target. >> we're live in washington, d.c. garrett, this kind of got everybody by surprise, didn't it? >> yeah, it did, including u.s. officials. secretary of defense ash carter says those airstrikes were in fact not anywhere near isis forces and instead hit groups opposing syrian president bashar assad something he called tantamount to pouring gasoline on fires. u.s. officials have been concerned about russia's intentions in syria all along.
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it was the focus of discussion earlier this week between presidents obama and putin at the u.n. last night secretary of state john kerry told greta that putin put himself in the center of the problem. >> he's there. he's on the ground. says he'll be there to fight isol. guess what, if he's there to fight isol and he doesn't have the support of sunni, he is's never going to succeed in that fight. >> kerry met with his counterpart sergei lavrov. they agreed to have military to military deconflicting discussions as soon as possible. those talks could take place as soon as today. meanwhile, other nations are also raising concern about russia's activity in syria. reuters is reporting that saudi arabia is demanding russian air raids stop until their intentions are made clear. steve, brian, elisabeth. >> thanks, garry.
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>> it's not just us that are taken aback. it's the entire region wondering what are they up to especially when they bomb an area in which they didn't think it was a problem. can you imagine they knew the people we were training and they target them. >> it was a russian double cross. they double crossed us. meanwhile, speaking of russia, we have told you that hillary clinton, this is a fox news alert, hillary clinton, she felt that she could operate a private e-mail server from her house. as it turns out now, we know that it was cracked by at least one country. apparently russians sent fake traffic tickets to hillary clinton's e-mail account in the form of a trojan horse file. here's the question. they looked like traffic tickets. did hillary click on them? if she did or a staff member, they got in, but there were a couple of warning signs. for instance, the town that it came from, chatham, new york, they misspelled the town.
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here's the other thing. she was not using the state department server which she should have been. >> she should have. >> she would have been protected. most commercial anti-virus software could have protected it and prevented it. didn't have it. >> she put herself in the situation of vulnerability here. when you understand that this situation on the date that this occurred, four hours on the morning of august 3rd, 2011, that the exposed speeding tickets are cents to her e-mail account, private e-mail account, which didn't have the protection that a government level e-mail account. that embedded the faulty software could have actually allowed hackers to allow them to monitor her communications, steal their data and move laterally into the state department network through her private servers. >> oops. >> additionally, this parallels an effort by the russian hackers at the same time that they were trying to fish into state department e-mails. this isn't just a random occurrence. this is happening at the same
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time. it's a documented attempt by russian hackers to state department officials. fishing into the account. >> the only thing i clicked on when it came out to me, that the saudi prince had a lot of money for me. i clicked on that and it turned out that was a virus. one in 20 messages contain secrets. >> she said there were no secrets on her e-mail. >> but upon further review were blacked out. 1 in 20 messages contained secrets. more than 5% of the latest batch. overall we had 6,300 back in circulation. 37% we're still going to wait on the rest of the 55,000. of the 20,000 released we still have more to come. >> we have some we can show you today. we have three of them. first one from february 10th, 2010, to cheryl mills, chief of staff at the time asking what fubar means to clinton. by the way, what does fubar
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mean? and what does this whole thing from gayle mean? fubar is unprintable because it means blanked up beyond any recognition. >> it's military slang. it's like snafu. these reveal the character of the person doing the typing. also on january 8th in 2011 she wrote a note to cheryl mills, her chief of staff. hey, who made the decision that state will not use the terms mother and father and instead subat this statute parent one and parent two? i'm not defending that decision, which i disagree with, that's very telling right there, and knew nothing about, in front of this congress. i could live with letting people in nontraditional families choose another descriptor so long as we retained the presumption of mother and father. we need to address this today or we will be facing a huge fox
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generated media storm led by palin et al. >> by the way, she was worried about fox. >> we had a talking point on that. she should be watching "fox & friends." >> the fact that these are out there, you can google her e-mails is disturbing enough. the fact that she made herself susceptible is beyond comprehension. >> we haven't gotten to the benghazi part of it. that will be the next batch. >> couple of months missing. so at this point at least they have found at least 400 classified documents on that server that wasn't supposed to have any on it. >> including a meeting in oman that set the table for the iranian deal we're currently in the middle of. redacted. contained there. this was going back and forth. >> one e-mail you're not going to see was the one that i sent howard. >> don't tell anyone about that. >> how are you? >> good morning. great to see you. thanks so much, elisabeth. we're following a story out of new york city. a disturbing threat involving
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isis. the nypd telling today's new york post that an nfl with a kidnapping note and a dvd was found in a bathroom at manhattan's time warner center. the note says it was sent by an isis member who claims to have a 5-year-old american child in its custody. now this note goes on to say that the child will be freed if this package is delivered to president obama. the fbi and secret service have been notified. we don't have any public information at this time about whether or not an american child is missing but we'll keep following this. >> the execution of an inmate is on hold. he was convicted of hiring a man to kill his boss to cover up a theft in 1997. he challenged the state's lethal protocol before the u.s. supreme court after a botched execution of another inmate last year in that same state. he lost that case.
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his execution is now rescheduled for november. former vice president al goer, we haven't heard that name in a while, leaving the door wide open for a possible 2016 presidential run? watch this. >> i'm a recovering politician. i've said that before but it's still true, and the longer i go without a relapse, the less likely there will be one. >> okay. well, the democrat turned environmental activist not saying yes during a recent interview but he didn't say no either. he went be on to say he's enjoying what he's doing in his life. >> if hillary clinton becomes president one paper won't show her photo. there's a brooklyn based publication called hamodia. . it removed hillary clinton from a lineup right there. that paper says it won't compromise its jewish tradition. the orthodox relidge dwous culture, some of them at least,
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ban women from photos n. this publication another newspaper says it would have to reconsider that policy if hillary clinton wins. indeed, and carly fiorina as well. those are your headlines. >> photo chopped. >> right. thank you very much. >> thank you. exactly 13 minutes after the hour. who could forget president obama ripping mitt romney for calling russia a foe? >> well, call them and ask for their foreign policy bank because the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> that's what he said. was mitt romney right? former u.n. adviser rick grinnell weighs in live. rick. >> good morning to you. this is not your average bike race. what happened to the driver? >> anybody can do without a driver.
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when you're asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda, you said russia. in the 1980s call and ask for their foreign policy bank because the cold war's been over for 20 years. >> wow, was mitt romney right when he called out the president during that 2012 debate.
3:18 am
rick grinnell is a foreign adviser. he joins me now. when you look back to those comments, it's haunting now considering what just happened. >> it's haunting and frustrating because the media completely jumped on obama's side. what mitt was trying to say, let's look around the corner. let's look day two, three, four. not just look at today which is what exactly what obama does on iran, isis. he's not strategic. >> "the new york times" said his comments were either a shocking lack of knowledge or crazy politics. either way, they are reckless or unworthy of a major presidential contender. are they eating those words? >> no, they won't because the person who runs the editorial page is a part of them. he's always had a candidate which is the liberal democrat. he'll make up something. he'll never admit he was wrong.
3:19 am
>> ric, you've dealt with putin. when we listed your credentials, adviser to four u.n. ambassadors. when you see what's going on now. get in his head right now. what is putin thinking? >> first of all, foreign minister lavrov is brilliant. he's very good at what he does and between lavrov and putin, they are reallyma nuferring our team. we have such a strategic failure. when we say u.s. policy and the russians look at us and they say not only should assad not go, we're going to go in with military hardware and prop him up. they started moving military hardware into syria on september 11th via iraq, iran andage ger bay january. we should have known about that. flown diplomatically all the way into these capitols to say, what are you doing? stop this. we could have done this. we don't have enough intell,
3:20 am
boots on the ground. we don't have a strategy to know what's going on. no wonder we don't know what's going on. >> it's a power play by putin. president obama, what's his plan? you have insights. >> he took the u.s. mission staff at the private meeting this is the fourth quarter of his presidency. big plays are made in the fourth quarter. he's playing to win. there's something more here. that's scary because i don't know what's left? >> what do you think that is? >> whether he wants to do something big with north korea, redo the map. this is a president who's so weak and who's advocating his weakness that i think it's a serious situation. >> ric grenell, we appreciate your time. a high school student opens fire in the school and hits the principal. and dw high. stunning numbers show drugged driving is becoming even bigger than drunk driving. the result of a stoned driving test next.
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time now for some really big headlines. get it, wheelie. look at that, a motorcycle takes on a life of its own. the bike keeps going after the driver falls off and is able to follow the track for a while before, of course, it crashed. right about there. and two thieves caught on camera rolling away with a stolen refrigerator. the men used a cart to wheel the
3:25 am
fridge through the street. both men are still on the loose with the hot goods. all right. back in 2012 denver affiliate -- our denver affiliate put colorado's drugged driving laws to a test. just how much marijuana did it take to impair people behind the wheel. watch. >> reporter: we put three medical marijuana people behind the wheel, asked them to light up and later drew their blood to test for nanograms. >> reporter: the result, while some could barely handle our simulator. >> showed impairments. >> reporter: some of those drivers would have been considered safe to drive. well, that's just a little of that study. three years later a new study finds that driving under the influence of drugs now rivals drunk driving as a cause for deadly cashes. the number of drivers who tested positive has increased.
3:26 am
erin holmes organization helped put this study together. are you surprised by this finding? >> good morning, brian. it's not a shocking finding given what we know about impaired driving. the challenge with drugged driving is that we haven't tested all drivers who are involved in fatally injured crashes so we haven't had a true grasp on the magnitude and characteristics of this particular problem. we've focused on drunk driving for 30 years and understand that but drugged driving is far more complex. >> there are 23 states that say it's okay to have marijuana so it's like alcohol, can you go get it, it's not going to be a red light. let me ask you, how do you test effectively for marijuana? is there a breathalyzer, something akin to what they do for drinking? >> there currently is no breathalyzer for marijuana that can be used at roadside.
3:27 am
what we rely on currently is law enforcement to be able to detect signs of impairment that are indicative of drug use and then, of course, blood testing, which would confirm whether or not drugs are present within somebody's system. >> so you have to get permission to take drugs. is an officer on the side of the road prepared to take blood? no, that's not going to be the procedure. >> no. what would occur is if an officer pulls a driver over for observed impairment, they would then go through the standard field sobriety tests. they would look for and document signs of impairment. they would administer a breathalyzer. >> right. >> if that individual did not have a bac above the legal limit of .08, they would then either take them for further investigation with a drug recognition expert, which is an officer who is specialized to observe the signs of impairment using a specialized 12-step protocol and then get a warrant
3:28 am
for a blood draw to determine if blood is present in the system. >> pretty complicated. a lot more complicated than blowing into a tube and then seeing if you drank more than two and a half beers and that you go to jail. >> definitely. >> erin holmes, something to keep in mind when states decide whether or not to legalize marijuana. >> thank you. coming up, extreme weather alert coming your way. did you hear about this? hurricane joaquin gaining strength. millions on alert. a live report from the danger zone next. this outdoors woman has met her match. >> please stop. please stop. it's the end of september. why are you here? you're supposed to be asleep. >> it's amazing how illogical that bear is. it's a perfectly good argument. the closing confrontation you do not want to miss. first, happy birthday to julie andrews. she's 80 years old.
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♪ ♪ ♪ wow. we know you love the gatlin brother's story "american with a remington." to check out the full video, we know you want to, and you
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should, head to "fox & friends".com. incredible. >> it is a great song and they premiered it. the world premiere ras here on the program. >> steve, i remember you hitting a high note when you were sipping with them. >> the remington part. it was high. you missed that, you missed a lot. you have to go to "fox & friends".com. >> it was extreme. >> it was. >> speaking of extreme. >> to extreme weather, hurricane joaquin a cat 3 storm today. it could intensify to a category 4 as it makes its way to the east coast. we are live from alexandria, virginia, where the governor has already declared a state of emergency. annie, what's the latest? >> reporter: hey, good morning to all of you. the other night we had heavy rainfall in our area and so with that coupled with the fact that joaquin is strengthening, virginia governor terry mccull live is not taking any chances and he did declare a state of emergency. we're live in old town,
3:34 am
alexandria. this is an area prone to flooding. for folks the impacts of a hurricane are well known. they have experienced widespread power outages in the past and tidal flooding during hurricane isabelle and sandy. any time there is a major possibility of heavy rainfall, prep begins early for residents and businesses. now that joaquin is possible to hit virginia. it's forcing people to think about their game plan. a lot of people recovering from tuesday's rainfall. with joaquin strengthening, terry mcculliffe says they are ready to deal with extreme weather. he's getting up to the date reports and we're standing by waiting for joaquin to do its thing. that's the latest in alexandria, virginia. >> thank you very much.
3:35 am
right now overnight if you're just weighing iaking up, it's intensified. it could intensify to a cat 4 storm before it goes somewhere. right now some of the models have it taken out to sea, some of it have it going into the carolinas. one model has it coming pretty much directly to new york city. >> your way. >> 25 minutes after the hour. you have some other breaking news. >> we're following a story out of south dakota this morning. that's where a high school principal is being haled a hero. he warned the school about a student with a gun. kevin lee and the 16-year-old got into an argument at school. there was a struggle and the teenager then pulled out a gun and shot the principal in the arm. despite the wound the principal's only concern was protecting his students. listen in. >> he came on the intercom and told us that he's been hurt. we kind of all just figured it out and it got really surreal after that.
3:36 am
>> i think it's just that i'm a little scared. now that i know this can happen, i don't want it to happen again. >> the school's assistant principal then tackled that student and held him until police arrived. amazing story. a crucial program to help victims and first responders after the 9/11 terror attacks has now expired. congress failed to approve an extension of the zadroga act. >> if they take this away, a lot of people are going to die. do i take this pill for $9,000 or do i pay for my mortgage and food for my kids? >> the zadroga act affects 70,000 people the united states unless lawmakers take action that funding will expire in about one year. five fraternity brothers under arrest this morning charged with hazing blejs at the university of alabama. they're members of fbi gamma delta. they're accused of making pledges stand on buckets of ice
3:37 am
and salt and that burned their feet. the fraternity has lost its right to hold events. this woman on the video going viral. >> why are you breaking my kayak? bear, please stop that. please stop breaking my things! gosh darn it. oh, why are you doing that? >> why are you breaking my kayak? hey, steve, hold on a second. she was just trying to scare away the bear who was eating her kayak, but it didn't work. mary maley is the person. the bear left though, that's the good news. amazingly the kayak wasn't too damaged at least. but at least she's okay and she succeeded. she got that bear to go away. success all the way around, i think. those are your headlines. frank, can you beat that? >> no. another reason to stay indoors, heather, for all of us. outdoors in the world of sports, starting with a big night for the st. louis
3:38 am
cardinals. >> it's a strikeout and the cardinals have win number 100. five straight years in the playoffs and for the third consecutive season the cardinals are the champions of the central division. >> strong favorites to win it all. they lock up the nl central. 11-1 win over the pittsburgh pirates. they could meet again in the pirates. the pirates will pay the cubs, yup, the cubs in the nl game. it's one and done. the winner faces st. louis. on the other side toronto locked up the nl east. a yankee fan caught sleeping on national tv has his lawsuit thrown out. >> probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. >> what's wrong with saying that? andrew rec ter who was sleeping at the time sued espn for $10 million claiming the broadcasters dan schulman and john kruk called him names like fatty cow and stupid. the judge ruled the broadcasters never said any of those words and have dismissed the case.
3:39 am
therefore, he'll have to get his 10 million some other place. >> it's tough to get a fan these days. >> especially if you're in primo seats and you have chances to walk away with the ball. >> what are you talking about? >> the yankees fan who was at the game and after a foul ball he missed. after the second ball came to him. they gave that but it bounced up into the stands. then the ball boy gave him a toss with one of the balls and he missed that, too, ball miss number 1, ball miss number 2 and number 3. well, now, we actually know -- we know -- >> look at the girlfriend. >> will smith -- his girlfriend, friend that is a girl, couldn't stop laughing. why couldn't you get at least one of those balls? he told on late night. he said, he didn't do me any favors when it was a short throw. after half a dozen beergs at a baseball game you're not working
3:40 am
your best. >> six beers, that's probably -- >> that's $6,000. >> how much is a beer? >> ten bucks. >> 1,000. and it's half off. >> another good reason not to drink. >> jimmy fallon had some fun. in fact, would he have that sound bite? >> apparently we do. >> he just ordered it. >> a fan at the yankees game last night has three different foul balls come right at him and, yeah, it was pretty much every fan's dream. let's check out how it went for this guy. >> call it a rough game for one baseball fan, the guy in the light blue shirt count catch a foul ball, then he botched a foul grounder. then the peanut vendor said, yeah, i better just walk these over to you. yeah. meanwhile, that woman he was with was like i know one guy who's not getting to first base. >> anyway, now you know the truth. apparently he had been hitting
3:41 am
brewskis. >> half a dozen. you can't sleep at the game and you better bring your glove and stop drinking. >> if you're in those seats you should be ready to catch a ball. >> meanwhile, 19 minutes on this thursday. the evidence keeps pouring in. the number of e-mails deemed classified in hillary clinton's case has more than doubled, but does any of this prove she broke the law? judge napolitano joins us live next. and, we are moments away from a major announcement. the best driver's car of the 2015 year revealed right here on "fox & friends." >> i think we're revealing it right now. >> right now. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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hour. campaign edition. first 23% donald trump leading the field. ben carson and carly fiorina are tied in second with 13%. trump will be joining us to react to that in 15 minutes. stand by. next, $20 million, that's how much money ben carson's campaign has raised in the last three months. that's more than the entire 2012 gop field combined over the same period. finally, 3%, that's what candidates need on average to make the main stage on the next republican debate. it airs on the 28th on cnbc. steve. thank you very much, elizabeth. one in every 20 e-mails, 5% released yesterday from hillary clinton's private e-mail server, contained apparently classified information, but do any of those exchanges violate the law? let's talk to fox news senior analyst judge andrew napolitano.
3:46 am
even though she said there were no secret e-mails were on her private server, 400 had secrets. >> she has been proven profoundly wrong on this issue of classified material. classified is the lay terminology. the legal terminology is confidential, secret, top secret. if you have information from or about a foreign country, it is presumed at minimum to be confidential. presumed. >> sure. >> she knows that. it doesn't have to have the word confidential, secret, top secret. >> correct. if they intercepted information from foreign agents. if they took a picture of a foreign installment from a satellite, that stuff is at minimal confidential. to take confidential, a national security secret, and put it in an insecure venue is the crime for which general petraeus was prosecuted and pleaded guilty one time. we now know that mrs. clinton caused this to happen 400 times.
3:47 am
>> right. >> probably more. every time she sent this to her friend that was not in the state department, sid bloomenthal who was not in the service, she violated the law. >> let's take a look. i would imagine that really juicy e-mails, state department probably hasn't released yet. >> the state department gets to decide the order in which these come out. >> sure. there was one passage we wanted to share with folks. this was from an aide to hillary, no one uses a state issued laptop and even higher officials routinely end up using their home account e-mails to be able to get their work done quickly and effectively. further cuts to state's budget just makes matters much worse. we actually need more funds to upgrade our technology to which clinton responded a.m. this makes good sense. how should we follow up.
3:48 am
>> a.m. is an initial for -- i know that e-mailer. she's a former professor and dean. ann marie slaughter. she is being very candid and acknowledging that a lot of people in the state department routinely go outside of the government venue with national security -- >> so does the white house. >> so what does that tell the fbi? awareness of guilt is what it tells the fbi. mrs. clip top and her, her former aides, cannot say this was a mistake, it happened once, we didn't realize it. they practically were joking about it that's how aware of it they were. >> okay. so in your mind it is clear she broke the law. >> yes. >> what happened? >> i think the fbi will probably sometime after the first of the year will recommend an indictment and then it's a decision of the white house. the white house is either going to say, i'm not going to get involved or i am going to get involved because this just can't
3:49 am
happen. this was my secretary of state and i'm the chief law enforcement officer of the land. the president will take one of those two positions. if the fbi recommends an indictment and the indictment does not come about, you'll see significant resignations from principaled fbi agents. >> you'll see a lot of leaks from the fbi. >> yes, you will. >> serious ones about what was going on and it's political. >> this is a problem entirely of mrs. clinton's own making. she wanted to keep her behavior away from the president, away from the rest of the state department and away from the rest of the fbi and the rest of the media. now we have it. >> unfortunately and so do the russians and be other countries. >> judge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. coming up on this thursday, donald trump, fox news alert, said he was okay with russia fighting isis in syria but does he still believe that now that russia may have been helping president assad yesterday instead by bombing rebels rather than isis?
3:50 am
we're going to talk to him, donald trump, live in ten minutes. and we're moments away from a major announcement, the best driver's car of 2015 revealed right here the red car, it's a black car. we got all the cars coming up. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from
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3:54 am
hi. this is for you, motor trend magazine is about to reveal the top cars of 2015. and today "fox & friends" has the exclusive >> how exciting is this? who made the cut? joining us now motor trend editor at large angus mckenzie is here with some fabulous vehicles on our plaza now. >> good morning. >> what do we have right here? >> these are the top five. we have three. >> we have three of the top five. this is our fifth place car and the best driver's car competition this year. and it's not a bad place to start. it's the $340,000 bentley gt3r. so this car -- >> $340,000 for a car? >> this car is hand built in england. this is one of 99 coming to north america. they've all been sold. but this car, 572 horse power all-wheel drive. this will do naught to 60 in 3.3 seconds. >> i'd just like to add -- >> and it will take about to get a ticket. >> the gt3r.
3:55 am
this does not have happiness nor does it make it the best driver's car. >> the third place car, complete switch. this car is the ms5gr priced in the mid $20,000 area, only 155 horse power. but this is a terrific driver's car. a really delicate sports car, the way they used to be. you can have fun in this car just driving along a country road. >> and when it comes to the criteria, to a say good driver's car what are we looking for? >> a car that gives you as a driver no matter what your school level, confidence to reach the limits of your ability and the limits of the car's ability. >> you're about to see the number one car, driver's car for 2015. >> okay. >> by motor trend's 2015 best driver's car is -- a mercedes-benz. >> wow. >> wow. >> that is nice. >> that is something else.
3:56 am
>> what is this? what car are we looking at? >> the her said dez img is about $130,000. powered by a four litter v-8 with 500 horsepower. >> i would be silly not to get in. >> that sin credible. >> what you have in there all sorts of controls. you can change -- >> look at this. >> you can put it in comfort mode. you can drive around town, it's quite comfortable. you can put it in race mode for on the track. it's as fast as a race car. >> you're looking at the 2015 best driver's car. as a driver, this is what you would like best. thank you very much. >> i'm going to give it a test. >> angus mckenzie, thank you so much. >> you're going to have a hard time getting me out of this car. i'm going to try to do that. inside steve has this for you. >> beautiful car. it's yellow. they can turn it into a taxi here in new york. up next on our show, presidential candidate donald trump is here live. we're going to ask him about the latest russian airstrikes in syria.
3:57 am
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the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. good morning to you. it is thursday, october 1st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. bracing for impact. hurricane joaquin picks up strength over the atlantic with millions of people in its path. this morning, parts of the east coast are already under water. we are tracking the storm for you here live. >> wow. get this, russia strikes, unleashing bombs across syria. today in the united states, retreat or stay put? the targets they are bombing is not isis. does that change donald trump's stance on russia helping fight the terrorists and saying let them do it? we're going to ask him in a matter of moments. >> and who knew hillary clinton's server was not as
4:01 am
private as we thought. turns out even the russians tried to get in. her potential presidential opponent donald trump here in 90 seconds to react. live from new york, it's "fox & friends." fox news, hurricane joaquin turning a full speed ahead and eyeing our own east coast. overnight the hurricane strengthening to a category 3 storm with 120-mile-per-hour winds. it's expected to dump up to 20 inches in the bahamas before possibly heading to the east coast. >> that's where we are. people from the carolinas all the way up to the jersey shore now preparing for what could be a record-setting storm. maria molina, as you can see, is in the weather center. maria, right now it's a category 3. and you say it could become a category 4 in the next day? >> yeah, that's right. it could intensify further into
4:02 am
a category 4 hurricane out here. and i think the big concern for the bahamas isn't only the weather conditions. i mean we're talking significant impacts. possibly wind gusts over 120 miles per hour. but the other concern, also, is that it's moving very slowly. so they're going to be dealing with these conditions that are life threatening out here for many, many hours. it could last into tomorrow morning out here across the bahamas. so very significant impacts, again, across the bahamas and life-threatening conditions out here. you mention up to 20 inches of rain possible. storm surge also a concern, two to four feet above normal tide levels. so that's a big issue out here across the bahamas. we're going to keep a close watch on it this morning. then the big concern becomes what happens to the east coast? is this going to make landfall out here? what sit going to mean for the u.s.? we're waiting for it to make a turn northward. right now it's moving toward the west/southwest and we do anticipate this could happen because of a trough set up across the eastern u.s. that's going to be pulling it northward. i kind of want to share with you two computer models. we tend to talk a lot about the
4:03 am
european model and the american model labeled here the gfs. and there's been a big change this morning into what they're showing. the european model, which has been credited with getting hurricane sandy's track right many days in advance has continued to pull the storm away from the eastern u.s. and now the latest american model also doing the same. so this could be a big development here over the next few days. a lot of uncertainty still in the track for the eastern u.s. but what we do know is that again we have that trough across the eastern u.s. so a big dip in the jet stream. high pressure across the atlantic, and that could help to steer our storm here over the next few days, just look at the latest forecast track. keeping the storm off the east coast. what we do know for now for the eastern u.s. is that you're going to get a lot of heavy rain. some models putting up to a foot of rain across parts of south carolina, flooding will be a concern out here across the eastern u.s. beach erosion, dangerous surf, and coastal flooding are concerns. we'll keep an eye on here over the next few days. >> all right, maria. let's just hope it goes out to sea. >> yes. >> it's three minutes after the top of the hour.
4:04 am
donald trump joins us. mr. trump, thank you very much. if you were president of the united states today i would imagine you'd be preparing for the big storm? >> well, preparing for a lot of problems, i can tell you. we have -- we have bigger problems even than the storm, if you look at our country. we have some very big problems. >> you're right about that. >> you know, donald trump, as we speak to you now, we understand hillary clinton's having a rough day today. her e-mails were attempted to be hacked by russians, and we know at least over the course of four hours on an august date in 2011. we -- this is something that we've been going through this morning and we have about three of them that we can show up. but before we go through the specifics on these e-mails, what about hillary clinton's situation here that she's made vulnerable by these russian hackers in the form of fake speeding tickets strikes you? >> well, look, the whole thing is herbal for our country. what she did as secretary of state was ridiculous. and you know she wanted total privacy for whatever reason.
4:05 am
you just would have had much more privacy the other way. but what she did is totally illegal. you look at what happened to general petraeus, and as somebody who is a real expert on the subject said to me, he was 5% of what she did. it was nothing by comparison, and they destroyed his life. i mean, you know, they basicly gave him a two-year sentence. what she did was totally illegal. and it's hard to believe that nothing further is -- i mean it's hard to believe that she's even talking about running for president. you wouldn't believe it's possible, frankly, with what she's done, and even the criminality involved, that she could be talking about running for president. >> well, speaking of the criminality, if she -- you know the fbi looking at it right now. if they decide not to indict her, what would that say? it would obviously be politics, right? >> well, i think they probably won't indict her. because -- >> you don't? >> yeah, because the attorney general is from new york. who i believe is a friend of hillary clinton. i think they probably won't indict her. and it's very unfair to general
4:06 am
petraeus and other people who have been indicted for far less than what she's done. but it's pure politics. and it's democrats. and what will be interesting if a republican gets in, hopefully it's going to be trump, if a republican gets in, what would be, you know, you have a six-year statute of limitations on this. what would be interested if the republicans get in what would happen to her? would they go after her? because then you would have somebody that would be, i'm sure, very fair, but they'd look at it fairly, and would that happen? she may very well have to win the presidency, because she may have bigger problems if she doesn't >> here's an example of the e-mails that have emerged. they're about 30% through. we're going to see drip, drip, drip. this is to cheryl mills her assistant. who made the decision that state will not use mother and father and instead substitute parents one and two? i'm not defending that decision but i disagree with and knew nothing about it in front of this congress. i could live with people in
4:07 am
nontraditional families choose another descripter so as long as we retained the presumption of mother and father we need to address it or we will be facing a huge fox media storm led by palin et al. she had no idea what we would do on "fox & friends." >> not the equality candidate here today. >> let's talk about something else. we were talking about your comments 48 hours ago before the new news happened with russia going ahead and bombing and giving us hour's notice, saying stay out of the area, we're going to start bombing. they tell our emissaries in baghdad this information without consultation. and now we find out, donald trump, they're even bombing isis, they're bombing enemies of assad. does that change your stance of letting russia handle it? >> well you know the biggest problem i have is you look at what's going on with libya with gadhafi and iraq with saddam hussein and with all of these people that we've been fighting against, and the problem is far greater. i mean, iraq is a totally -- total disaster. but iraq led to the middle east.
4:08 am
then you look at libya, total disaster. we don't know who these rebels are. you know, we're supposed to be fighting with rebels. we have no idea. some of the people, i spoke to one of the generals, they didn't even know who they are we're fighting for. is it worse than assad? what's going on? and i do say this. russia destroyed itself. when it was the soviet union they spent so much money in afghanistan, they got bagged down. you watch, i bet they get bagged down again. they're going to get bogged down again. i understand your view and i fully understand both sides of the picture. but i think we have to be very cool, let's just see what happens, don't move too fast. we're fighting for rebels that we have no idea who they are. they're probably going to be -- based on everything else we've seen with iraq and libya, they're probably going to be worse than what you have right now. and what you have right now is very bad. >> let me just ask you this. i don't believe you when you say sit back and let russia take the lead. you're not a person who wants anyone to take the lead. you want to be number one.
4:09 am
why would -- underhanding, undermining our message right now and we find out they're not even bombing who they said they would. >> but you don't want to jump in for people that we don't even know who they are. we're fighting for people that we have no idea who these rebels are. i've heard the rebels are worse than anybody else. i mean, if they could be isis -- >> do we agree -- >> we have no idea who they are. >> do we agree -- >> isis is absolutely the enemy. >> that's where our attention was. >> isis is absolutely the enemy and we have to do something very strong against isis and frankly we should be bomb being the hell out of them. and frankly, go beyond the lines, you have to go beyond the lines of syria. you know, we're talking about syria. but isis is in iraq very big league. isis is all over the place. we have to be bombing isis. but, i don't think we should act so fast we could just slow it down a little bit. let's see what happens. remember this, we're fighting for people that we have no idea who they were. some of them we didn't even know until recently. and by the way, they could be
4:10 am
isis. we could be fighting for isis. so i think we have to be very cool. i'll be honest. we have to be -- that's not usually the way i am. i want to be, you know, i want to be -- i want to be very pro-active. but i think we have to watch it. see. i believe russia has a big stake in getting rid of isis also because they don't want them going into to russia. i've heard that for a long time. if i knew who these people were, if i -- if we thought they were george washington, if we thought they were great, i'm all for it. but we have to find out. we have no idea who we're fighting for. >> all right. >> and it could be worse than assad. as bad as he is, he's bad, but it could be worse than assad. >> i mean, look at gadhafi, and mubarak and hussein. we had regime change in all those places. >> and look what happened. >> exactly. we took the lid off the garbage can. should have left the lid on it. meanwhile let's take a look at the brand new "usa today"/suffolk university poll. congratulations, you are, once again, leading the pack at 23%,
4:11 am
ten above ben carson and carly fiorina. marco rubio has 9%, and it looks like you're about three times what jeb bush has right now. >> well, i'm honored. i mean i just see these polls coming out. we've had polls we're i'm at 36 and 37. i guess they're online so people don't like to report them. but i think they're really accurate polls. last night in new hampshire we had 3,556 people. it was unbelievable. the enthusiasm and everything else. so there's something happening out there that's really beautiful to watch. >> we've got a glimpse of malin yeah in her first interview. when will we see more of mrs. trump? >> she'll be on your show. >> we've talked before. >> she has a lot of respect for you. >> all right donald trump, thank you very much for joining us. go run your empire and your presidential campaign. >> i will. thank you very much. >> and people, the interview
4:12 am
with melannia. >> so more of donald later on. in the mean time more of heather right now. >> good morning. good morning to you all. 11 minutes after the hour. this morning, we are learning more about an isis threat that was discovered in new york city. the nypd now telling fox news that a package was found taped to a bathroom door at manhattan's time warner center. inside it was a note, a blank cd, and a book that was intended for president barack obama. now the note says it was sent by an isis member who claims to have a 5-year-old american child in custody. that note goes on to say that the child will be freed if the package is delivered. over to cnn, which has studios in the building, by the way. the nypd said when that cd was played nothing was found on it. the fbi and the secret service have been notified. we have no information about whether or not a child is in isis custody. well, toys "r" us is now using temporary visas to bring in foreign workers to the united states for training.
4:13 am
this as the company cuts american jobs and moves more work overseas. "the new york times" reports the company brought a handful of people to the united states to they return to india and trade other workers while americans were laid off. toys "r" us says the move was necessary to save money. well starting today, you can legally buy recreational marijuana in the state of oregon. and a 25% tax won't kick in until january of next year. adults 21 and over can now buy up to a quarter ounce of marijuana per day without a doctor's note. colorado and washington state the only other places that allow recreational pot sales. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. >> all right, heather, thank you very much. big changes coming to your credit card. starting today, how it affects you when it comes time to swipe at the store. straight ahead. and you see an uber driver delighting his passengers. well he is at it again. >> he's got some uptown funk.
4:14 am
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4:18 am
atlantic city boardwalk where storm preparations are already under way. good morning to you, dave. >> that's right. good morning to you. the mood here is watch, wait, but also prepare right now. people are packing in to hardware stores, getting essentially hurricane preparedness kits. that's what some are calling them. we're talking flashlights, batteries, duct tape, and of course the boards that you need for your windows at home and your windows at work, as well. this is what hurricane sandy did three years ago, and it's one of the bitter reminders here in atlantic city. we're on the northern end. this was the boardwalk that was destroyed by hurricane sandy. crews have been working steadily, the key word steadily, over three years to try to rebuild it. but you can see, the progress that's been made or perhaps you might say lack thereof in three years, and it's a reminder of the damage a hurricane can bring to this area. and it's something that a lot of people are thinking about, because you know what?
4:19 am
whether it's atlantic city or up and down the jersey shore, a lot of people very, very sensitive. now, we know that a lot of local governments are watching the national weather service. they're watching the models of hurricane joaquin and trying to see what this storm might do if it comes up this way. they say they will, in fact, be prepared in some beach jurisdictions. they're actually trying to put dunes up and really deal with flooding, because there's a concern, immediately, over nor'easter-like weather, rain and flooding, several inches of rain, up to ten inches of rain, that's a concern before the hurricane would even come up this way. so it could be a one-two punch, guys. >> it could be. dave kinchen in a.c., new jersey, thank you very much. >> he mentioned sandy. when sandy hit the new york/new jersey area the impact, unbelievably. you lost your first floor. so many people didn't have electricity. >> we didn't have electricity for ten days.
4:20 am
>> let's hope we learn something from that. 19 minutes after the hour. here's what's coming up straight ahead. presidential candidate jeb bush weighing in on the washington redskins name controversy. how he responded to the controversial question, coming up. and at 18 years old, you're old enough to fight for your country, right? but you're not old enough to buy a beer in your country. a new study is raising the question about whether the drinking age should be lowered again. we're going to debate it next.
4:21 am
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quick headlines now. it's all about big money. ben carson's popularity surge is
4:24 am
helping him shatter fund-raising records. his campaign raising $20 million over the last three months. that's more than what was raised by the entire gop field combined over the same period in 2012. and one lucky person waking up this morning kind of rich. the single winning ticket of that lottery thing, $310.5 million, the powerball jackpot was sold at michigan at a gas station there. i think you know who you are. check your tickets, here we go. 21, 39, 40, 55, 59 and the powerball is 17. start sharing, steve. >> all right, brian, thank you. if can you fight for your country, shouldn't you be able to buy yourself a beer? for years many americans have argued that the drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18, where it was back in the '70s and the '80s. a brand-new study, though, shows an unexpected side effect. high school dropout rates, they suggest, could jump as much as between 4% and 13% if we were to lower the drinking age.
4:25 am
let's have a fair and balanced debate. darby fox is a therapist specializing in behavior and psychotherapist tom kearsing works with a lot of kids in this demographic. darby let's start with you. you think it's probably a pretty good idea to lower the drinking age back to 18, 19, 20? >> i would probably do it to age 19. because then most people are out of high school. and i think it's really important that we do that because we're seeing a huge increase in deaths from the 18 to 24 population because of the way they drink. >> you're talking about binge drinking? >> binge drinking, yep. we pushed it into gaming and in the closet. it's very dangerous. we're seeing deaths as opposed to high school dropout rates. there's a big difference. >> that's one of the things, tom, that i have heard from college admissions deans. they said, you know, if your kid has had a drink before they come to college, they come to college, it's no big thing. but if they haven't, they go to college and they go crazy. >> that's a possibility. but my argument, i completely disagree, i think it's a
4:26 am
terrible idea to lower the drinking age and here's why. the part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that's responsible for decision making and risk taking behavior and it's not fully developed until the early to mid 20s. so now you take a young kid, an 18-year-old that's already at risk because of that brain aspect, and you give them alcohol, which lowers your inhibitions, to me it's a perfect storm for disaster. >> well that is very true. what we know is most kids, 80% of children or high schoolers have alcohol experience with alcohol by the time they graduate. and so what we want to do is teach responsibility. we're now seeing legislation being introduced like medical amnesty where we're trying to get kids encourage them, they won't get in trouble if they'll call in if there's a serious health risk. we really need to take responsibility for what's happening, not legislate against what we fear. >> sure. and your argument about how it impacts the brain is a good one, and that is science. however, at the same time, it's like, well, why does it have to
4:27 am
be either 18 or 21. how about if we do go to go 19 or 20? >> i still disagree. i think 21 is a proper age. i mean, for the huge maturity gap between an 18-year-old and a 21-year-old. tremendous. so, somebody who is 18 years old, you know -- >> what about the argument that we used in the tease, and that is you're old enough to serve your country but you can't buy beer. >> let's teach people to drink responsibly because the reality is kids are drinking. and 18 to 24, the brain is still developing, but they need to be responsible for the decisions they make. we don't have them not drive or do anything at risk. we can send thome war, where they could kill other people or kill themselves. we need to teach them to be responsible. >> at what age can they smoke recreational marijuana in a couple of those states out there? >> i think it's 21. >> i don't know. >> but that's a whole other story. >> whole other segment. >> darby and tom, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> what do you think about this? e-mail us, big changes coming to your
4:28 am
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well, it's the shot of the morning. remember the uber driver made famous for holding a dance party for his customers? ♪ >> jonathan's video went viral showing himself and passengers singing along and dancing while cruising the streets of l.a.
4:32 am
now he's back with a new tune. ♪ ♪ don't believe it >> 27-year-old's sweet moves paid off. he has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on the car service app. because you're supposed to rate these guys or ladies, whoever drives you, before you get out. >> where on the uber app do you request somebody who is musical? i want that guy. >> new feature coming with the latest update. >> how great is that? >> it is great. >> all right. meanwhile we've got some uber weather going on right now. let's get the extreme weather following hurricane joaquin now a category 3 storm battering the bahamas with winds currently 120 miles per hour sustained. it could get stronger as it heads toward the east coast or out to sea. maria molina is in the weather
4:33 am
center tracking the path of the storm which is now a three, could be a four, might make landfall in the mid usa. >> you are correct, steve. all those are facts. right now like you mentioned, category 3 hurricane, joaquin, blasting the bahamas. it could become a category 4 hurricane by tomorrow. we have very warm water that's helping this storm intensify very, very quickly. very low central pressure as well. that's a sign that the storm is just kind of continuing to intensify because that number keeps dropping. it's moving very, very slowly. and of course that's terrible news for the bahamas because you're talking about life threatening conditions, lasting for many hours. possibly through tomorrow morning. so the storm really just lashing the bahamas with a lot of heavy rain and storm surge and strong winds. it's moving towards the west/southwest. the question becomes what happens when it makes that turn to the north that we are anticipating. here's the latest forecast track. i do want people who live across the east coast from north carolina up in the northeast not put a whole lot of weight as far as where this forecast cone is
4:34 am
taking the center over the next several days we do think there could be some big changes on this track here over the next few days as we to insee what this storm really is going to be doing. you can see that the forecast cone does include parts of north carolina and that uncertainty region also portions of the northeast. and it is eventually forecast the weekend once it does encounter some stronger wind shear farther off towards the north. i want to show you two very reliable computer models. we had a significant update with the american model the gfs taking this storm farther offshore. this is a big change. we could be seeing that also reflected later on today with the forecast track. and the reason why really don't know exactly where it's going to go is that we have a trough across the eastern u.s., high pressure in the atlantic, and that should help determine where the storm goes here over the next few days. over to you. >> because the wind pushes it places. >> yep. >> finally the european and the american models are getting together on that. maybe it will take a right turn.
4:35 am
let's hope. >> oh, yeah, thank you for that. preparations under way. across the east coast, heather nauert with a business alert for us. >> a lot of companies under preparation for something that is happening today. it is a fox business alert. beginning today, merchants across the united states officially making the switch to chip enabled credit cards. you may have already gotten one of these in the mail. it's considered to be a more secure card. the reason why, beginning today, stores without those more secure card readers are now going to be held responsible for fraudulent charges, instead of the card issuers. now this will change the way that you pay, instead of swiping at checkout, you know the old way, you'll now dip your card into the terminal and then you hold it there until the transaction is actually completed. takes a few seconds. for merchants that don't support the new chips you should still be able to swipe. well a crucial program to help victims and first responders following the 9/11 terror attacks has now expired. 33 congress failing to approve
4:36 am
the extension of the zadroga, a law that provides medical treatment for 9/11 health related problems. the way a lot of people are going to die, do i take this pill for $9,000? or do i pay for my mortgage and food for my kids? >> well, the act affects 70,000 people, unless lawmakers take action. that funding will expire about a year from now. jeb bush defending the washington redskins name in a new radio interview. some critics have called for that name to be retired. they say it's considered racist, and insensitive to native americans. but the republican presidential candidate, well he disagrees. listen. >> i don't think they should change it. look, that's, again, i don't think politicians ought to be having any say about that, to be honest with you. i don't find it offensive, native american tribes generally don't find it offensive. >> well there you go. the redskins owner dan snyder refusing to change that name. and listen to this one, a group of college students
4:37 am
blocked from handing out copies of the constitution in a free speech zone. students with the group young americans for liberty confronted by a police officer at penn state university, the officer said they needed a permit because they were on private property. >> do we have to get permission to protest? >> correct. >> okay. >> in the free speech zone? >> yes. >> all right. well penn state rules say that the permit process is voluntary. the students did eventually comply with that. no comment yet from the university. some folks need to go back to school, clearly. those are your headlines. i'll see you in a bit. >> all right, thanks heather. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. after a 23-year career with nascar tony stewart announced yesterday he is going to be crossing the finish line. >> it's a scenario where everybody in their career at some point, you know, makes the decision that it's time for a change, and it's nothing that you plan. i think it's just, think it
4:38 am
happens. i think deep down you know when it's time to do something different to make a change like this. >> wow. stewart plans to retire following the 2016 season. so one more following in the footsteps of fellow nascar legend jeff gordon who announced his plan to retire this year. who's left? we're joined by stewart's friend and teammate nascar driver kevin harvick. welcome back. >> thank you. >> first off your reaction to noni stewart. that was a bit of a surprise. was it for you? >> it's really not for me. i've known for awhile. i said yesterday that it's kind of hard to understand what that all means for yourself, and for him to not be there, and for me, tony's been my driver, my friend, but now my boss. and to see him retire is definitely going to be different on the racetrack. i think within stewart house racing it will be good for us because he'll be very involved on a day-to-day basis. >> you're not anywhere close to that point? >> i hope not. i'm going to be 40 this year but i think as tony said there, it's one of those situations where you look at it and all of a sudden you wake up in the morning and you're like man i don't know if i want to do this
4:39 am
and keep up with the grind. the grind is really harder than the physical part of -- >> the travel sng >> the travel. i think the travel and the grind of waking up every day and knowing that you have to go to an appearance or you have to go to a race or whatever that may be. it's more days out of your house than you spend in your house. >> especially with the cute little 3-year-old that you have. >> that's right. >> take it back to chicagoland speedway. not too long ago. what was going on with you and jimmie johnson? >> well, we had a fight situation on the racetrack. and the worst part of it -- >> what was the fight situation? >> we had run into each other. >> okay. so you felt like he ran into you? >> yeah. so however you want to view that i guess yet to be determined. but i think the worst part about that video is those were basically at our house. i feel like we're on the big brother there. >> yeah, you had no idea the camera was on? >> no, not at all. >> so does this kind of thing happen at your house all the time? >> so you have not spoken to him since, right? >> i think as you look at those types of situations, obviously,
4:40 am
you know, that's several minutes after the race, and a lot of emotions and things flying so you try to handle the things that you can, and that was probably one that we could have handled differently. >> speaking of emotions, maria molina was doing the weather you were looking at that hurricane thinking that is going to screw up dover this weekend. >> that's definitely not going to do it any favors, that's for sure. it's definitely bad timing. and we've been in these situations before at dover. with a hurricane several years ago, and had to move the race a few days. so we'll definitely keep an eye on it. i think the first thing is to keep everybody safe. >> how do you keep your mind-set? you have to go in with aggression. you have to keep your spot and secure it. knowing the race is one day, having it postponed for weather could make it tough. >> i think the biggest thing you have to do is just basically try to control the things that you can control and the weather obviously we know we're going into a pretty tough situation, and for us, being in the situation that we're in, with having to -- >> whoa! have to win this weekend >> you got to come in first. >> that's right. we were in the same spot last
4:41 am
near when we went to phoenix and wound up winning the race. so i know that the guys will bring a good car and it will be a fun teammate. >> do your teammates care about that? >> our teammates do care about that. >> we want kevin to win this week. >> so you know, we're going to go out and do the best that we can, and hopefully that winds up in -- >> we wish you well. >> thank you. >> would snow tires help this weekend? >> no snow. maybe some wet weather tires. >> all-weather radials. >> all right, thank you. >> thanks, kevin. do you have trouble functioning without your morning cup of coffee? be honest. now there could be an alternative that works even better. not going to want to miss it. >> and she took her job at the state department thinking she could handle the work load and raise a family. now anne marie slaughter admits maybe women can't have it all. is that true? she's here to explain. and now for the trivia question of the day. >> born this day in 1969 this actor made a splash as the chubby friend in the hangover.
4:42 am
e-mail us at you're going to be the winner.
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oh, this is what i've been waiting for. a massachusetts company has created a peanut butter spread that oon contains the equivalent of two cups of coffee. the idea came about when the inventers were looking for ways to cure hangovers. >> scientists are working on something important. getting people up and at 'em on sunday morning. some toys "r" us workers, the company is laying off americans to bring in foreign replacements. all thanks to a temporary visa loophole. "fox & friends" weekend co-host anna kooiman joins us now. >> good morning, everyone. it's called the h-1b program and it was originally designed to bring in specialized workers from overseas to help american companies grow. but some companies are use the program to shift jobs out of the country. in the case of toys "r" us, "the new york times" saying the company brought a handful of people to the united states on work visas to shadow its accountants. those people then returned to
4:47 am
india where they trained other workers to do the job while the americans were laid off. toys "r" us saying the move was necessary to save money. earlier this summer, disney world tried to replace dozens of tech workers using the same program. they reversed the plan after the decision sparked outrage. the labor department is investigating walt disney company for possible violation. only 85,000 visas are issued through that program each year. several state and federal lawmakers are calling on the government to review the program. back to you. >> wow. that's unbelievable. >> that's a facet of the immigration system that needs to be corrected. >> it's a loophole. >> but that needs to be attacked. until they can get this whole thing done, just bolster the cracks. >> can women really have it all? career and motherhood? >> kindergarten bake sale, christmas lights, birthday party. i don't know how you do it. >> i don't know how you do it. >> i don't know how she does it. >> all those children --
4:48 am
>> so impressive. >> you have four. >> yeah but two of mine are twins. >> our next guest did and says it's a myth. ladies you're going to want to hear this. but first on this date in 1908 henry ford introduced the model-t it cost $825. in 1961 roger maris hit his 61st home run of the season breaking babe ruth's record. and in 1980, queen had their number one song with another one bites the dust. ♪
4:49 am
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4:51 am
time now for some answers to today's trivia question. zach galifianakis, congratulations to grace from
4:52 am
richmond, virginia. you're going to be getting a copy of the book "george washington" and you are going to love it. now we have a fox news aletter for you. brand-new e-mails released by the state department casting a new shadow over hillary clinton's presidential campaign. one in 20 of them containing what is now considered classified information. one e-mail almost seems to justify clinton's use of a private e-mail server sent from former director of policy planning anne marie slaughter. it says this, no one issues a state issued laptop, no one uses it, and even high officials routinely use their home e-mail accounts to get their work down quickly and effectively. further cuts to the state's budget make matters much worse. we need more funds to significantly upgrade our technology to which clinton responded. anne marie, i think this makes good sense, how should we follow up? anne marie joins me now. great to have you with us on the curvy couch. one e-mail you're writing to hillary clinton that we just read talking about how
4:53 am
antiquated this personal e-mail system that the state department e-mail system is and it would be better to use personal e-mail and also maybe the time for her to write an op-ed about it. we had judge andrew napolitano on earlier and he said that that e-mail exchange indicates an awareness of guilt. this is not good for hillary clinton using the state department at the time. >> you know, i think hillary clinton was a great secretary of state. and she was a fabulous boss. and i sent her a lot of e-mails about work/family balance. which is what i'd love to talk about. >> we want to get to your book and it is incredible. >> great. >> just matter of fact, her trust numbers are down in a recent dump of e-mails coming not a great thing for her. moving on to not being able to have it all. because you might be a great example of this. your book is fantastic called "unfinished business: women, men, work, family." it is really about how you can't have it all and there are some things that we can do to help get close, but being honest about leaving a position at power at times. why can't women have it all in
4:54 am
your opinion? >> well, i actually think women, and men, can have great careers and great families. but we have to make lots of changes. and this book is about how we have to change things we have to value care, the kind of -- we have to value our work as mothers and fathers and daughters and sons as much as we value our work as anchors, and foreign policy experts. and we have to change options and roles for men. >> you also say that someone has to be the lead parent >> yes. >> in the book. >> i do. so that is where if somebody in a couple has a really big job, and i've had big jobs where i've had to travel all the time, or i've had to really be on call, if one member of the couple has that kind of a job, the other member of the couple has to be the lead parent. that person can be working and bringing in income. but they have to be available for all those, you know, the child is sick, they have a school project they haven't told you about and you have to go buy things. all those emergencies, somebody has got to be there. >> to take the lead at home? >> absolutely. >> and it enables the other one
4:55 am
to succeed. when you're in the job of your dreams. >> yes. >> highest ranking position that you'd had. >> yep. >> why did you decide to leave when you did? >> because my son needed me. and i knew that was the right choice. i mean it was -- it wasn't easy. you know, i had a choice to be considered for promotion. i wanted to rise. i'm ambitious. i've had a foreign policy career all my life. but our elder son was home with my father -- with my husband, needed both parents on deck. and i know it was the right choice. >> we have a -- there are examples here. he was working at the time. >> yes. and he's now in college. >> but did you ever look back and think, oh, i should have done that earlier when you were younger? or was that the perfect time? >> that was the time he needed me. when he was younger, my husband and i could both make it work. we both had flexibility, that all-important ability to say i'm going to stick my work together on the schedule that i need. and we had been able to -- we lived very close to our kids, and their school and we've been
4:56 am
able to make it work. >> you actually advocated jumping back -- you actually advocated that she took the -- that she would take the day off of christmas in an e-mail -- for your own sake the pace is absolutely killing you and you deserve it, it would also mean that a lot of folks who would like to take some time off with their families before christmas, for example moms like me who are necessary to make christmas happen, it feels much freer to do so. >> yes. >> kind of a bold statement at the time to right that. >> well i knew she'd be receptive and she did. she left on the 21st. but i knew she cared. and i wrote it to say this will really make a difference because if you don't go home, the people -- you know, the women and the men are going to stay here. and if you do go home we'll feel free to take time. >> so what happens if you're a person out there in another corporation that doesn't get it? what do you say to them? >> the first thing i think you say to them is look, i could do a better job for you if you would let me try this on an experimental basis.
4:57 am
>> okay. so a trial basis. anne-marie slaughter. the book is "unfinished business: women, men, work, family." dancers coming up live in the next hour and all for breast cancer. ♪ when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms
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good morning to you. it is thursday, october 1st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. eye on the east coast. hurricane joaquin strengthens to a category 3 overnight with millions in its path. the east coast bracing for impact. we have the latest track for you straight ahead. >> we do. and more hillary clinton e-mail out. and we're going to show you what's in some of them. hear what she has to say about fox news, and sarah palin. whoo! >> and it was the yankees fan fail that has everyone talking. after blowing three separate chances to catch a foul ball this guy is speaking out. what he says now is behind striking out three times, much to the chagrin and embarrassment of his would-be friend,
5:01 am
girlfriend, wife, i don't know. mornings are better with friends. ♪ >> my does time fly. it was just five years ago on this program that the pink dancers who are raising awareness and money for breast cancer charities unveiled the winning hospital on this program, and this morning, this hour, we're going to find out which hospital across the united states is this year's big winner. >> a powerfully pink movement for breast cancer research as we get closer to it there. >> meanwhile, that makes you feel hopeful but this one will make you feel worried. all eyes on the east coast where hurricane joaquin strengthens over the bahamas.
5:02 am
overnight the hurricane intensified by a category 3 storm and could become a category 4 before possibly turning towards the united states of america. >> folks all the way from the georgia coast right up through new england are now preparing for what could be a record-setting storm. and maria, when we say record-setting are we talking about the wind? are we talking about how late in the season? are we talking about rainfall? or what? >> i would think maybe because of the impact is why they're thinking it could be a record setter. especially if it were to take a track toward the northeast coast and you look at some significant impacts across the jersey shore, of course, we have history with that already with superstorm sandy. but we don't want to make too many references back to that storm because that was kind of a little bit of a different setup compared to joaquin. now right now this storm has maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour, category 3 storm. and we've been talking about the fact that it should be making a turn towards north. right now it has not done that and may not do that until tomorrow. and it really won't be until
5:03 am
then that we'll know what the impact will be for the eastern u.s. we do think that coastal flooding will be a concern and there are already a number of advisories and watches in effect across coastal areas or have been issued across many coastal areas on the east coast. you can see it lashing the bahamas right now. locally up to 20 inches possible across the central bahamas. we're talking about life-threatening conditions that are going to be lasting for a long period of time. throughout the day today, and potentially even into tomorrow morning. so significant impacts in the bahamas. the storm is forecast to continue to intensify as well out there, potentially being a category 4 storm as we head into tomorrow. and then the big question becomes of course, what will the storm mean for the eastern u.s. right now we are in the cone of uncertainty, landfall from north carolina up to parts of the northeast. what we do know is coastal impacts will be health across parts of the coast coast with beach erosion and possible coastal flooding. >> so maria for the most part everybody up and down the eastern seaboard is looking at
5:04 am
this thing. but who -- with the computer models, who really this morning needs to keep an eye on this? >> i think you still need to keep an eye out across the east coast. again from north carolina, to new england. it's really uncertain what's going to happen because i want to share with you the computer models here, the latest ones, do show the storm staying offshore and some of them even east of that forecast track of uncertainty. so again, very, very uncertain what's going to happen across the eastern u.s. you do have to start possibly making some preparations, but of course, being very weather aware from north carolina up into new england. and by the way, south carolina could be seeing up to a foot of rain because of all the tropical moisture not even directly associated with joaquin. >> thank you for all that. better to be safe than sorry. >> that's right. meanwhile four minutes after the top of the hour. we have a fox news alert. russian warplanes started carrying out airstrikes in syria, but this morning while russia claims they were hitting isis, the united states saying
5:05 am
wait, those aren't isis targets. those are somebody else. >> peter doocy is live at the white house with the developments breaking overnight. peter, any bombings today? >> a lot of bombings. the latest wires are filled with russian claims that they destroyed 12 isis targets overnight while avoiding populated areas. it's very similar to what they said yesterday, which is interesting, since the pentagon was able to quickly prove that putin's forces are not targeting terrorists. they are, instead, targeting president assad, political foes who prop him up for as long as possible. >> it does appear that they were in areas where there probably were not isil forces. that approach is tantamount, as i said then, to pouring gasoline on the fire. >> part of the reason this situation is such a mess is because it is so complicated. but the white house is already simplifying the theory of crisis
5:06 am
so it looks like something people have seen before. the iraq war. >> russia will not succeed in imposing a military solution on syria any more than the united states was successful in imposing a military solution on iraq a decade ago. and certainly no more than russia was able to impose a military solution on afghanistan three decades ago. >> as it turns out, president putin did not give president obama a heads up that this was coming when they talked on monday. but the white house insists russia is operating from a position of weakness. back to you in new york >> where have we heard that before? they really sound very weak. thanks, peter. they bomb when they want to. their economy is crippled. but they're doing anything they want. they're invading countries, staying in countries, ignoring the world. >> what about the secretary saying those strikes were not, in fact -- >> that's the case. that's the case. >> -- that that's what they were looking at.
5:07 am
>> the united states has officially said we welcome russia to help us take out isis. we're absolutely okay with that. yesterday at this time when we heard about the first of the air strikes from the russians we thought oh, they're already taking out isis. then it was soon they realized, wait. they were away from isis running things. so it was classic russian double cross. >> speaking of russia -- >> comparing it to iraq. that was the biggest insult. 2012 iraq was fine, he ran on it, and now he's saying iraq was not fine. >> that is just the white house spin. meanwhile, yesterday the state department released a lot more e-mails, as it turns out, hillary clinton has said that she didn't have anything secret on her private e-mail machine. had at least, now, up to 400 confidential things that never should have been there. we've gotten a look at some of the stuff. and it's very tellingoing on in hillary clinton. >> the first one came in on january 8th, 2011 to cheryl mills her chief of staff. it said quote who made that decision that state will not use
5:08 am
the terms mother and father and instead substitute parent one and parent two? i'm not defending that decision, which i disagree with, and knew nothing about, in front of the congress, i could live with letting people in nontraditional families choose another description so as long as we retained the presumption of mother and father. we need to address this today or we'll be facing a huge fox generated media storm led by palin and others. >> oh, real sfli >> that was that situation where classified material was "a," anything to do with it. that was a situation just inside baseball. >> was very revealing. she's nowhere close to being the equality marriage candidate that she is now. back then she was hand tied same-sex marriage. >> 2010 there was a big speech on the senate floor about how she was against it. >> she came around about a year after the president did to that. meanwhile august 21st, 2010 to her aide, and she can't figure out how the radio thing worked. i can't find npr. she wrote can you find out from
5:09 am
me where the npr stations i can hear on long island are? i lost the wnyc signal halfway down the island and can't figure out from google what the next stations are. and then writes back, did any of you get this? so, in another one she was asking, by the way, what does fubar mean? >> please don't say it. >> we can't. but she found out it was something that cheryl mills responded is not appropriate for public consumption. >> and now sit publicly consumed. >> the major story, 5% contained classified information. that is security secrets that the world could -- >> and -- >> over 400. and she was attacked by the russians. and the key to that is the russians knew her e-mail address. it was not public. so they knew it. >> and it was -- >> it was in the form of a fake speeding ticket. >> yes. >> so if thee clicked on that --
5:10 am
>> which wouldn't have happened if she was using her government issued e-mail. but this was her personal server. what do you think about that? >> she might not have acted. they were probing. >> all she had to do was open it. and if she did. exactly ten minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday and heather starts with a complicated story about new york city, and isis. >> yeah. it's something we've been keeping an eye on all morning. this coming out in today's "new york post" and confirmed by fox news. there is say disturbing threat allegedly from isis that has been discovered in new york city. the nypd telling fox that a package was found taped to a bathroom door at manhattan's time warner center. inside that package was a note, and a cd, and a book meant for president obama. now the note says it was sent by a member of isis who now claims to be holding a 5-year-old american child hostage. that note going on to say that that child will be freed if that package is delivered to cnn, which has studios in the
5:11 am
building. and also to president obama. now, detectives listened to the cd, and claim that nothing was found. the fbi and the secret service are now on that case. we'll keep you post fundamental anything develops. five fraternity brothers are under arrest charged with hazing pledges at the university of alabama. they're members of phi gamma delta. they're accused of making pledges stand on ice buckets of salt, burning they're feet. the fraternity has now lost its right to host any new events. frat ternty -- excuse me the university, rather, is now considering disciplinary action. a high school principal in south dakota hailed a hero this morning after warning the school about a student who had a gun. kevin, and that 16-year-old student got into some sort of an argument, then there was a strugging. police say the teenager pulled out a gun shooting the principal in the arm. despite the wound the principal's only concern was protecting the students. listen to them.
5:12 am
>> the principal came on the intercom and told us that he had been hurt, we just figured out and -- >> i think it's just that i'm a little scared because now that i know that this happened i don't want it to happen again. >> well the school's assistant principal then tackled that student and held him until police arrived. and do you remember this yankees fan who couldn't catch a cold even if he wanted to? >> been a rough day for this young fan. so he has this foul ball that he could not make the play on. then this ground ball he couldn't make the play on. then the ball boy said well let me -- and they couldn't -- i mean. but he got the ball. >> he got the ball. >> oh, poor guy. after missing his opportunity to catch a ball three times, and then becoming a laughingstock all over the internet, that fan is now trying to explain himself. turns out he was wasted, he says. talking about the third missed ball he first blames the base coach saying he didn't do me any favors because it was a short throw. and then, after half a dozen
5:13 am
beers at a baseball game, you're not working your best. and those are your headlines. watching that i kept thinking i hope that woman next to him is his wife. if it's a girlfriend there might not be a second date. >> but you know what? his hands were in the right place but it's ball reaction time. and if he had half a dozen beers, the hands -- >> maybe -- >> maybe she'll work with him now that he's retired. get some basic skills. >> beer drinking? >> no. he got the beer drinking down. can he catch with a few beers in him? 13 minutes after the hour. whether you're buying or selling a house there are some big changes coming your way. bob massi explains those changes and what they mean for you and your family. >> and i woman thought her phone was as good as gone when she dropped it into the water. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, my. was that a dolphin? it was the incredible video you have to see next. >> it's the flipper phone! but first more from the pink
5:14 am
dancers live from mobile, alabama. ♪ [music] defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. [engine revving] ♪ ♪
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5:18 am
russia's intent to fight isil on the one hand and to support bashar al assad and his regime on the other, that approach is tantamount, as i said then, to pouring gasoline on the fire. it does appear that they were in areas where there probably were not isil forces, and that is precisely one of the problems with this whole approach. >> russia caught the obama administration off guard by bombing u.s. allied syrian rebels, not isis fighters in syria. this comes just two days after president obama met with vladimir putin at the united nations. so, did he give him a heads up? no. so what's next? here to break down the "w's" of russia's strike is fox legal analyst. >> good morning, everybody. >> let's start up the first "w," why did russia -- we thought they were bombing isis. but it turns out they were the guys that we like.
5:19 am
so why did they wind up attacking the syrian rebels? well, because syrian president bashar al assad is russia's closest ally in the region. u.s. officials said the attack was because of the group's fighting assad's government, and obviously mr. putin wants to restore russian global influence not only in the mideast, but throughout the world. they've been in the penalty box because of what they did in ukraine. financially, and morally and diplomatically, absolutely. >> okay so the president met with vladimir putin a couple of days ago. why didn't vladimir putin tell him? >> know that's the $64,000 question. it was not discussing, allegedly, during mr. putin and mr. obama's meeting on monday. the u.s. was warned just one hour in advance of the strokes -- of the strikes, and no effort was made to coordinate any strikes with the united states of america at all. obviously it was done to embarrass this president and this secretary of state kerry,
5:20 am
who then stood up with the russians yesterday at the u.n. and said well we're going to work it out so we don't shoot each other down in the air by mistake. >> finally "w," what is the danger with this all-screwed up like that? >> huge danger. russia is strengthening assad's regime. a regime that we hate. a regime that kills its own people. it could unify terror groups to fight assad and russia. but it could also increase isis recruitment there and throughout the mideast. big issues. plus accidental shootdowns of russian and american allied planes. it's a mess. russia's looking for a bargaining chip. they now have it on the world stage. >> all right. peter johnson jr. taking a look at the "ws." >> good to see you. >> thank you, sir. coming up, this is not a flashback. it could be the future. will al gore run for president? well, he just answered that question, you're going to want to hear it. and major changes to mortgage
5:21 am
lending rules today. how will they affect you and your family? >> our property guy bob massi is going to break it all down coming up next live from las vegas.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. hi some headlines now. this one from the wild. a brutal street fight caught on camera. >> guys. >> a father and son driving down the road spot a pair of kangaroos fighting. the brawl lasted about 15 minutes. they had to go to the car. what happens when your phone falls in the ocean? well you get a dolphin to grab it. >> oh, my gosh! >> that dancer is teresa see.
5:25 am
she left the phone with a friend on the boat in the bahamas. he dropped it by accident and that's when the dolphin swoop thd to save the day. unfortunately the phone does not work anymore. the dolphin cannot be blamed. talk about a scaredy cat. check out this cat in california. the animal got startled by a school bus full of children. it later climbed down on its own. bad kid. was it? >> oh, brian, thanks for those. well are you busy house hunting? well there are some big changes coming your way if, in fact you are. the new rules could affect the final purchase of your new home so what exactly do you need to know? joining us now is the host of the property man and fox news contributor bob massi. good morning you to, bob. >> good morning, elisabeth. >> so the feds have some new rules. what exactly are they and what is the purpose of the new disclosure rules? and when are they actually come into effect? >> they become effective october the 3rd. just a couple days from now. it's called know before you owe. it's designed specifically to
5:26 am
let the prospective homeowner hey're buying to get opportunity to review what they're buying so there's no excuses down the line that they didn't know or understand it. >> okay, so how exactly is it different, then? is it entirely different form? or sit more streamlined? >> yeah. you know, many of us that go to closures on houses elisabeth they give us papers that are two or three inches thick and nobody knows what they signed. now it's reduced down to two simple forms. you get the estimated cost of your closing and then the lender has to give you this disclosure form. and this disclosure form, elisabeth, must match what the estimated cost form that you got. in other words, if the interest rate on the disclosure form is different than the interest rate on the estimated cost, wait a second. why is it different? here's the key. the consumer requests the homeowner now has three days to review this. it's almost like a cooling period to understand and make sure that everything is what it's supposed to be.
5:27 am
and if it's not you the consumer have the right to say wait a second, there's a change here, explain it to me why this is different. >> who so -- >> the consumer finance protection bureau which is basically reform aid few years to oversee the lenders. it's basically designed so that the homeowner now could take a deep breath from the excitement of buying and say, okay, i know what i'm buying. know before you owe, so that way there's complete disclosure and the opportunity to challenge or question anything that's different from the estimated cost. it's a good regulation that's being put into effect for the homeowner. >> is this a good thing? >> it is a good thing, absolutely. >> okay. bob that's great. great info always from you. by the way, the property man airs saturdays at 12:00 p.m. and sundays at 3:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. you do not want to miss that. see you, bob. >> thanks, elisabeth. and we we're tracking that hurricane joaquin. the category 3 storm gaining strength and has its eye set on our east coast millions are already on high alert. a live report from the danger
5:28 am
zone, next. and, this new baseball fan sued for $10 million because he was embarrassed on national tv. did he get the money? the rule something in. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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5:32 am
"the new york times" magazine just did a big profile on donald trump, who some say is still the front-runner for the republican nomination. and get this it turns out that he usually gets only four hours of sleep a night. yeah. which explains why did he looked in the mirror and said, you're tired. you still look fantastic. >> oh, "new york times." the big political story above the fold in "the new york times" today is about how hillary clinton's campaign is terrified of joe biden and they're throwing all sorts of roadblocks in his way to keep him from coming in, including they're now circulating a pledge to uncommitted delegates, asking them right now to pledge to her. >> but she might have to worry about al gore on top of that? he's not ruling it out. and on top of that bernie sanders almost earned as much as she did in terms of overall fund-raising. >> she's not having a good day. >> no, she isn't. and that political storm to this actual one. hurricane joaquin eyeing the
5:33 am
east coast this morning. the category 3 storm could hit the united states by the weekend. fox 5 new york is live from delmar, new jersey, where the storm preparations are already under way. is that right, teresa? >> that is. good morning, elisabeth, brian and steve. good morning, everyone. they are battening down the hatches here in bellemar, new jersey. this is a six foot high sand barrier that they have built with the help of the army corps of engineers. these are people here who remember very, very vividly what superstorm sandy did, how bad it was. so they tell us they're simply not taking any chances. that not only comes from public officials but a lot of the residents that we spoke to her. they're building the sand barrier. they're draining the lake that sits between the lake and bellemar. they're making all their emergency preparations. they are, they tell us, mobilizing all of their resources. not only from a local and town perspective, but also pse&g is doing the same thing.
5:34 am
the reason they're doing this, they are watching the forecast. right now, joaquin is a category 3 storm but everybody's saying this is going to intensify as the days roll on. so they are keeping an eye on things. simply they have to. they are also in a unique position, because they're preparing for this one-two punch, not only a heavy dose of rain coming in tonight that's going to cause some flooding, but then also the hurricane in the days ahead. so, we got our fingers crossed. we're watching the models. they are, too. let's hope this thing misses us. that's the latest from bell mar this morning. send things back your way. >> all right teresa, thank you very much. can you see it's windy out there. >> sure. >> one thing you can't tell, though, it's also chilly. temperatures in the northeast today, we woke up it was in the 50s. >> surprised me walking out this morning without a coat. >> not a good day to wear your bikini. >> true. >> words of wisdom there. giving people an idea what to wear. >> we're taking notes. >> darn. >> i have nothing to wear after the show then. all right. all right. there's always tomorrow. all right. good morning to you all. got a couple of headlines.
5:35 am
good morning. crucial program to help victims and first responders after the 9/11 terror attacks has now expired. that's because congress failed to approve an extension of the zadroga fact. that's, of course, a law providing medical treatment for 9/11-related health problems. >> if they take this away a lot of people are going to die. do i take this pill for $9,000? or do i pay for my mortgage and food for my kids? >> the act currently covers 70,000 people. unless lawmakers take action the funding will run out in about a year. sal gore, we haven't heard from him in awhile but the former vice president leaving the door wide open for a possible 2016 presidential run. listen to this. >> i'm a recovering politician. i've said that before, but it's still true. and the longer i go without a relapse, the less likely there will be. >> well the democrat turned environmental activist was asked three times and gave a similar
5:36 am
answer each time. refusing to use the words yes or no when asked about a presidential run. well, if hillary clinton becomes president at least one newspaper won't show her photo. the brooklyn based publication ultraorthodox jewish newspaper, remember this, it photo shopped this famous image to remove clinton from it? well it says it will not compromise its principles, and will continue to ban photos of women from their publication. well another newspaper says it would simply have to reconsider that policy if clinton, or another woman like carly fiorina, wins. well with isis sending messages of hate all around the world, country stars and friends of our show larry gatlin and billy dean decided to write a response in the form of a hit song american with a remington and earlier this morning wedy beaued the brand-new music video. ♪ i just want to live in peace you come to my family ♪
5:37 am
♪ you'll be staring down the barrel of my gun ♪ ♪ because i'm an american american ♪ ♪ with a recommending >> so to check out that whole video you can head to and we sang a bit of that with them. remember how terrible we were? >> yes! >> larry and his brothers were putting their hands over their ears. >> i think you were good though. you have a good voice. >> no, i'm horrible. you know that elisabeth. thank you. >> it's true. >> we had a ball with them. they were just the nicest they could be. and a great song, too. >> good luck, gatlins. thank you, heather. >> thanks. >> let me tell you what's going on real quick. a big night in st. louis sweet end to september for the cardinals. >> it's a strikeout. and the cardinals have win number 100. five straight years in the playoffs. and for the third consecutive
5:38 am
season, the cardinals are the champions of the central division. >> wow. they might be the most successful franchise in sports. the cardinals clinch the n.l. central with a win over the pirates. these two teams could meet again in the playoffs because the pirates will now play the -- pay the cubs in the n.l. wild card game. >> the cubs are a club. >> all three teams are in the same division. meanwhile will this map be worth $10 million? >> how comfortable is that? probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. >> well the yankees fan caught sleeping on national tv sued for $10 million claiming the broadcasters called him a fatty cow and stupid. but a judge ruled the broadcaster never actually called him a fatty cow and stupid. so they were dismissing the case. plus i think you're allowed to say it as a broadcaster. when you're at the game you sign a thing on the back of your ticket, you'll be on tv. >> but can you be slandered.
5:39 am
>> but his case was -- he lost because they never actually said that. but he was certainly asleep. let's hope he's awake right now. up next a new study shows helicopter parents could be traumatizing kids. >> but first, we're having a pink glove party this morning. and this morning they're going to announce a winner. right here on our show. the fifth year in a row. flonase allergy relief, the only otc nasal spray approved to
5:40 am
relieve nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance, flonase controls six. see the world in a whole new light. flonase, this changes everything.
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5:42 am
election news by the numbers.
5:43 am
first, 23%. donald trump leads the republican field in a brand-new suffolk university poll with 23%. ben carson, and carly fiorina are tied for second. next, $20 million. that's how much ben carson's campaign has raised in the last quarter. that is more than the entire 2012 gop field combined over the same period. he's doing well. and finally, 3%. that's what candidates need to average in the national polls to make the main stage at the next republican debate. those are the standards set by cnbc. all right, finally, helicopter parents do more harm than good. that's according to a recent study out of boston college. >> college professors are seeing increasing lack of resilience among students, carefully guided and supervised kids grow into a generation of complainers, it says. do the hovering parents cripple their kids? >> joining us now from d.c. research professor and author of free to learn, why unleashing the instinct to play will make
5:44 am
our children happier, more self-reliant and better students for life. dr. peter gray. what concerns you about this study in this book? >> well, you know, there's actually quite a number of studies showing a very strong overprotective, overcontrolling parenting on the one hand, and problems of young adults adjusting to life. on the other hand. pretty strong correlation, quite a number of studies showing that. and, you know, what has come out recently is that surveys of college counseling centers showing that they're usually overburdened with young college students who are coming for counseling about what used to be regarded as -- >> sure >> -- more or less minor bumps in the road. >> you actually cite examples that there have been calls by students saying they needed emotional and professional help because they saw a mouse in the off campus apartment, because
5:45 am
the emotional fragility has become a serious problem. one woman sought counseling because a roommate called her a name. do you think we're not letting kids practice being adulted enough? do we have too many propellers above our head hovering over them? >> you know, that's exactly what i think and that's part of the focus of my book. over the last few decades we have been increasingly been depriving our children of the opportunity to go out and play and explore away from adults. you know, that's always been how children learn how to be adults. is to get away from adults. where they have to solve their own problems. they get into trouble, they find their way out of trouble. they get lost, they find their way home. they get into disputes with other people, they get called bad names. they figure out how to deal with it. how to roll with the punches -- >> are you saying -- i've just got to jump in here before we go. did you say we should let our kids get lost and find their way home? >> yep, i think we should. kids have always done this. kids need to get out and
5:46 am
adventure. if we continuously monitor and guide and protect our children, they don't have the opportunities to learn how to solve their own problems. of course, there are degrees of this. you know, you don't want to send a little child out to get lost in the woods. but children are pretty good at knowing what they can safely do and not do. and you have to allow them to do what they believe they can do. >> you say american college students are becoming delicate, immature workers so they should read your book and so should parents. >> i'm not sure i would use exactly those words. >> well that's what you quoted. >> dr. peter gray, the author of free to learn why unleashing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more self-reliant and better students for life. we thank you for joining us today. >> all right 14 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, they've been getting down all morning. i'm talking about dancing. the main event. the winner of the pink gloves dance competition is revealed. that will be next.
5:47 am
>> but first check in with bill hemmer. what's coming up at the top of the hour? >> beautiful day down in the south there. good morning guys. breaking news from the axis of russia, syria and the united states. many headlines to analyze already this morning. on that significant international story. joaquin is say big and powerful hurricane. where does it go next? thousands of newly released hillary clinton e-mails as we learn the russians tried to hack her system. new polling numbers for republicans. what they now tell us about the state of the race. packed morning of news. we'll see you at the top of the hour. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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5:50 am
♪ ♪ down down
5:51 am
baby are you down down down ♪ ♪ >> that say couple of years old. it's the youtube video seen more than 14 million times. created back in 2009 when hospital workers put on pink gloves and showed off their dance moves to raise awareness and money for breast cancer charities. >> so the viral video kicked off an annual video competition now in its fifth year, and this morning we get to announce the winner live on "fox & friends." >> how exciting is that? joining us the chief marketing officer and mark nicks ceo of infirmary health system. and with them more than 200 ping glove dancers. busting a move back there all morning long. so for the fifth year you get to celebrate today. this is so exciting. what does it mean to you today to be surrounded by these dancers five years later? >> we're really excited.
5:52 am
first of all, since we came out with pink gloves in 2009, to get patients and caregivers to talk about breast cancer. we created a video then at st. vincent's hospital in portland that went viral and had thousands of people calling us, could they participate in a video, and a competition. now the competition is judged by online voting, which gets the communities and people from all over the world voting, and med lines provides a donation to the winners to their charity of choice. >> that's right. and so the big question is, after you have seen many, many videos from hospitals all across the country, and everybody's in pink, dancing with the pink gloves, sue, who is this year's winning hospital? >> okay. well the important thing is -- oh, i hear a drum roll, the important thing is no one here knows the answer. >> yeah. >> so i would like to say that thousands of people across the country were involved in the pink glove dance competition. and it was a close race.
5:53 am
close race. but the winner this year of the 2015 metlife pink glove dance competition from mobile, alabama -- >> oh, yeah. good. >> oh, how exciting. >> mark nicks is joining us right now, the ceo of the infirmity health hospital there the winners are celebrating. we're going to see exactly why they won right now. ♪ ♪ it's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ >> so what does it mean, mark, what does it mean for the hospital? >> well, first off let me thank
5:54 am
andy mills and sue for just bringing this event to us all and making the awareness for breast cancer and breast cancer awareness month. so special. this is what started out as just having a good time and making a video for a great cause has really been a cultural transformation for our organization. and it's not just our guys, but we didn't win, we didn't get 65,000 votes from 5,000 employees. we got 65,000 votes, plus, from our friends not only locally in the community, but across the nation, and even internationally. we had people voting from london, and bermuda and everywhere else, so this is awesome. and it is really, really drawn our organization together for a great cause. >> how does the hospital benefit now? >> so, we have i think we're getting 15,000 dollars donated by met line. thank you very much.
5:55 am
and, we have -- we're going to be donating that for our local chapter of the american cancer society and our survivors for their benefit. >> excellent. >> all right. sue and mark we thank you very much for joining us from infirmary health systems down there in mobile, alabama. congratulations. glad we could make the announcement here on "fox & friends." and you know what? as we go to commercial, let's just watch everybody, the hundreds of people there in mobile, celebrating. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. thanks. thanks so much. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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5:59 am
before it's history. it's news. ♪ ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ >> great day as the hegseth family meets the new edition of the family, rex brian hegseth. fox contributor pete hegseth who looks like he needs a shave and his wife had a healthy baby boy. little rex weighs in at 9 pounds 13 ounces. he put gunner and boone to work holding the baby. >> our warmest congratulations to the hegseth family. he couldn't be more happy for them. >> nine pound baby! >> wow. >> such a wonderful family, too.
6:00 am
>> all right, join us tomorrow. you know, where's that storm going to go? we're going to dispatch correspondents up and down the eastern seaboard and send some members of our staff. tune in tomorrow to see where it's going. >> all right. see you tomorrow, everybody. after the show-show. ville. bill: thank you, guys. breaking news overnight. russia is on the move, announcing a brand-new round much airstrikes in syria. moscow says they are targeting isis. the united states says it's not true. russia is hitting those who oppose assad, the same groups who are being helped by the united states. pat require'states. patti ann: vladimir putin using the threat of isis top


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